The Company

Ledtroniks work with the leading lighting designers, architects and consulting engineers. No matter the size of the project or ambition of the designers, we work closely with our partners to bring the most innovative and forward-thinking lighting solutions to life.

Ledtroniks concept drawing

 Ledtroniks have a 'standard' range of lighting products, but we understand on many projects there are very specific requirements in order to achieve the cutting edge designs and optimum performance - Ledtroniks are very experienced in creating fully customised lighting solutions, through all stages of development - concept, initial designs, prototyping, testing and production

Viso Labspion


Ledtroniks have invested invested in the latest LabSpion Goniometer, this allows us to quickly test light fittings to check the performance and then fine tune the lighting fixture as necessary so that we can achieve our client exacting requirements.


Ledtroniks CNC Lathe We use CNC machines for the manufacture of many of our products - this method of manufacturing produces incredibly accurate parts without the need for expensive tooling costs. We also have the ability to make adjustments to designs, and the choice of a wide range of materials.


Ledtroniks PCB ManufactureHere at Ledtroniks we design and manufacture our own LED PCB boards, this gives us a much wider choice of LEDs that we can use to help us meet the requirements for a project. There are thousands of options available for LEDs including colour temperatures (CCT), Colour rendering (CRI) outputs, efficiency etc. We can also design specific shapes of LED boards to fit within a variety of lighting fixtures.


Ledtroniks Springs Ledtroniks take great pride on paying attention to the smallest details - for example this retaining spring that we designed for our recessed downlights - we went through 8 prototypes, each time making fine adjustments, to the dimensions, type of metal and manufacturing processes until we were happy with the final result. We believe the small details to all of our products make a huge difference in the final result.

 Ledtroniks custom finishes

 From our experience in developing customised solutions, we understand how important it is to achieve the right finish on our products, so they can blend in seamlessly to the fabric of a building - we will help you choose the perfect finish, including anodising, spray painting, plating, powder-coating.